Introduction of the Restaurant

The Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant was established by Mr. HUI Kam-ting, a lay Buddhist, in mid-2003. The head restaurant is situated in North Point, with a branch restaurant located in Jordan, Kowloon.

The establishment of the restaurant originates from both the Confucian and Buddhist cultures and the main purpose is to ‘Produce food while lives are preserved’. The Three Virtues Restaurant is noted for its good service, cordialities and professionalism. Moreover, the restaurant provides an elegant and cosy surrounding for all customers with good quality of food maintained at reasonable prices. Easiness is assured for all vegetarians in Hong Kong when they consume food in the restaurant.

With tens of elite cooks working under the lead of Chief Chef YEUNG, the vegetarian dishes produced exhibit superb Chinese cookery. Unique dishes are created by them with natural raw materials, valuable variety of produces and mushrooms as well as seasonal vegetables. Meanwhile, a new trend of vegetarian ‘dim sum’ (only steamed when ordered) menu and famous gluten and bean curd snacks have also earned numerous praises.

Origin and Definition of the Three Virtues

Confucianist definition of the Three Virtues:-
Virtue is the blessing of heaven and land.
1. Rules that people should abide by are called virtues. They include the Utmost Virtue, the Three Virtues and the Supreme Virtue that makes up with heaven and land.
2. The natural instincts of all forms of life are called virtues
3. Favour is a virtue and so are kindness and the supreme virtue that makes up with heaven and land;
  Three Virtues are Virtue of the heaven, Virtue of the land and Virtue of people.
Suitable time, favourable surroundings and harmonious people can also be called the Three Virtues.
Buddhist definition of the Three Virtues:-
1. Dhammakaya Virtue; Wisdom Virtue; Extrication Virtue.
  Dhammakaya Virtue:
Wisdom Virtue:
Extrication Virtue:
The ever existing Dhammakaya Buddha is elsewhere.
The wisdom of Buddha is limitless.
The best living way confirmed by Buddha that can release all forms of life without let or hindrance.
2. Wisdom Virtue; Kindness Virtue; Severance Virtue.
Wisdom Virtue is Buddha's wisdom who is aware of and sees everything. He is called the Full Wisdom.
Kindness Virtue is Buddha's broad kindness who teaches everyone destined to meet him.
Severance Virtue is Buddha's severance of all vexations and his staying calm, free of desire and extricated.

The Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant stands for a blissful piece of land given to all living things by the heaven, where all lives are benefited and protected. It is also a source of superb vegetarian food.

(By Proprietor of Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant)